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Free-Trial Instructions

(Hint: its easier to do this laptop or desktop computer)

  1. Download the Sample Question paper from here (Questions and Answer sheet are provided)
  2. The sample test covers Reading 9: Behavioral Finance and Investment Processes.
  3. Time yourself.  There are 3 questions and you should ideally spend only 19 minutes.
  4. Use a PDF editor to solve the paper online via your computer (Please add your name and email ID on the top of your PDF)
  5. Save your completed exam paper (PDF) and then email this file to contact-us@ift.world

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Use a free PDF editor to solve it on your computer by Comment features. Here is a free PDF editor which you can download: https://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf-reader/

The below picture shows how Foxit Reader can be used to solve/write your IFT Morning (Essay) Mock exam.