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Basic Package 2022

Level I (2022) Basic Package 2022

The Basic package is useful and affordable. It includes IFT Active learning.

Here is what you get:

– An easy-to-follow and structured way to follow IFT’s recommended strategy to Pass the exam

– Over 70 hours of video lectures covering each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS)

– Short Quiz after each video lecture to ensure you are following along

– Summary provided for each lecture of each reading with a review of the LOS

– Questions: About 2,000 practice questions to help you learn and test your understanding.

– Downloadable PDF slides. Print the slides from the video lectures and make your own notes on them.

– Help and assistance from IFT Customer Support team

-Watch videos on IFT Mobile App and download them for offline viewing too!

It is not a free product, however, ILEX for Quantitative Methods is provided as part of the Free Package.

NOTE: The ILEX system is already included in the IFT Level I Basic Plus and Premium packages

Through ILEX, we are sure that your Learning, Retaining and Mastery of the CFA Program Level I curriculum will improve.

To reach this goal, for each reading in a topic, you should do the following with the help of ILEX software features:

1. Learn.  Understand the concepts clearly. Watch the lecture videos attentively. Carefully follow examples. Recap the key concepts by reviewing the summary slides presented after the video.

2. Practice.  Quiz yourself on the basic concepts being explained in each lecture. Reference to the learning outcomes and sections (from curriculum) are provided. Check your answer and see the explanation.

3. Test.  After watching all the lectures for a reading, take the test to see if you have mastered the contents of the reading.  You should be scoring above 60% and ideally above 70% on the tests.

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal. No items are shipped to you.

FREE SAMPLE: For a free sample, sign up for the 2021 Level I Free package. In this, you will get the Quantitative Methods ILEX version for free.


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