Level III Essay Exam Completion Portfolio

The best way to prepare for the Level III essay exam is to do actual past exams which are provided by CFA Institute.

Note: For the June 2019 exam, this product will be ready by March 2019

When when solving these exams for the past 5 years (2014 to 2018), you will note that not all past exam questions are relevant for your upcoming June 2019 exam. So how do you overcome this problem?

The IFT Completion Portfolio provides you with substitute questions which you will use instead of the no-longer relevant past questions.  IFT will provide you with these relevant questions and answer templates along with the solutions.

By following our instructions in this product you will have a full 3 hour exam which you can do which is 100% relevant for your upcoming June 2019 exam.

Watch this video for a better understanding:

What will you get?

You will get a PDF file for each exam year. Each file will contain:

  1. Instructions and advice videos
  2. Substitute questions which are relevant to your upcoming exam
  3. Templates for answering these structured response (aka essay) questions
  4. Detailed solutions for each question provided

For a sample question from the Completion Portfolio, please click here


* Validity: June 2019