Level III Essay Exam Completion Portfolio

The best way to prepare for the Level III essay exam is to do actual past exams which are provided by CFA Institute.  However, not all past exam questions are relevant for your upcoming June 2019 exam. The IFT Completion Portfolio addresses this problem.

As part of the IFT Completion Portfolio you will receive:

  • The IFT Essay Exam Relevance Document. This document identifies questions from past papers that are still relevant for 2019.
  • Substitute questions for exam years 2014 to 2018. These questions are presented in the same format as actual CFA Institute questions and serve as substitutes for questions from past papers which are no longer relevant.
  • Detailed solutions to substitute questions.

Product Benefit

By using the IFT Completion Portfolio you get access to five full length (3-hour) practice essay exams. Without this product you could still work through past CFA Institute essay exams, but they would only be partially relevant.

Product Usage

When you are ready to take a full-length essay exam, do the following:

  1. Print the CFA Institute exam (For example you might print the 2016 essay exam)
  2. With the help of the relevance document cross out questions which are no longer relevant for 2019.
  3. Print the relevant completion portfolio document. (If you are working on the 2016 exam, print the 2016 Completion Portfolio document)
  4. Allocate 3 hours and take the exam.

Sample For a sample question from the 2014 Completion Portfolio, please click here

For more information You can watch the video below:


* Validity: June 2019