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Premium Package 2022

Level III (2022) Premium Package 2022

The IFT Premium Package contains a comprehensive set of products and services to help you improve your chances of success.

Here is what you will get:

1) 75 hours of detailed video lectures

2) Detailed video slides which you can download and print

3) Practice questions after each video to check your grasp of key concepts from the lecture

4) Summary/Review slides for each lecture

5) IFT Study Notes covering all learning outcomes

6) Question Bank with item set and essay style practice questions.

7) 10+ hours of High-Yield video lectures and slides

8) High-Yield Notes for all readings (compressed notes – for revision)

9) 3 full-length mock exams  (Both AM and PM papers)

10) 12+ hours of Videos covering solved past actual Morning (Essay) exam questions  from 2012 to 2018

11) Question & Answer with IFT instructor service (please read the details here)

12) Key Facts and Formulas Sheet

13) Pass protection:  You get access to updated materials till you PASS! For details and conditions please click here

Be sure to watch IFT’s advice videos on Essay Exam techniques and Past Paper strategy.

Active Learning To Prepare for the Level III exam

IFT Study Sessions are organized into video lectures, slides, and quizzes to provide instruction + review + reflection.

The video lectures are bite-sized learning modules, and each module focuses on the learning objectives of a reading.

To master the reading content and learn the core concepts here is how you should make the most of these tools.

  1. Listen to the lectures. Do the examples of each reading with the instructor.
  2. Review the slides to recapitulate the essential points covered in the lectures.
  3. Take the short quiz provided after each lecture to apply what you have learned!

Complete your core concepts’ active learning experience by measuring your quiz performance.

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal.

Videos are downloadable for offline viewing only via the IFT mobile app.

Note: IFT Live Online Classes are not included in this package. They must be bought separately.


* Validity: November 2022

You will get detailed video lectures which closely follow the curriculum. These cover all sections and learning outcomes of a reading. Click here to see the details and duration of the videos in a handy study planner spreadsheet.
Lectures slides are provided in PDF format (not provided in the Free Package). It is recommended that you print out these slides and make notes on them as you follow along the video lecture. This practice is part of active learning whereby you make notes, follow and understand examples.

View Samples

IFT Study Notes are aligned with the curriculum and present the information in an easily understandable manner. The most important points of each section of the curriculum are highlighted and explained. Reading the notes helps to reinforce your understanding and grasp of concepts. Notes are provided in PDF format.

View Samples

Practice is critical for passing any CFA® exam. Practice for the Level III exam with IFT Question Bank. These closely follow the curriculum and are critical to test your understanding.

You will find practice questions for each reading separately.

Questions are provided via online tests and essay questions are also provided in PDF format.

Here are samples you can download:  Item Set   Essay Exam

When you are stuck on a problem, example or concept, then Q&A with IFT instructor is where you can turn to!

Submit your query, and an IFT instructor will provide an individualized response within 48 hours. You will also be able to see Q&A from other premium students via our online forum.  We use a private forum hosted on Linked-In, so you will have to sign up for  free account on Linked-In. If necessary IFT will make a video to clear any confusion you have.


-This professional service will allow you to ask up to 30 curriculum or IFT material related questions.

-The origin of the questions asked as part of this service need to be either CFA Institute curriculum or materials or IFT published materials. Questions from a 3rd party will not be answered.

View Samples


Pass Protection is a feature or service of IFT premium package which provides you with access to the exam prep materials until you pass the exam you are registered for.  

If you fail the exam, please contact IFT so that we can arrange your access to the next session with updated materials (when they are ready)


  • Pass protection is valid for a maximum of 5 years from date of purchase. If you need materials after the 5 year window, please contact IFT team who can provide discounts for updated packages.
  • Please note that the following are not included in Pass Protection: 1) New IFT products that were not in your original purchased package 2) Services from IFT such as Q&A with Instructor and Grading service, etc.

As a priority customer, you will get extra attention from our support team via email, Skype or phone.

All the Level III important formulas, definitions, and key facts in one handy/printable document.

Get the IFT Key Facts and Formula Sheet to have formulas, definitions, and key facts of the CFA® Program curriculum in one place.

Saves you time from searching through hundreds of curriculum pages looking for and collecting important information.

This information is presented on a reading-by-reading basis. You can quickly scan it before doing the practice mocks and before the actual exam.

The document is 23 pages.

You can download a sample of the document from here


Important Note: Once purchased this item can be downloaded from this same website (ift.world)  Or click here once you purchase:  https://ift.world/my-account/downloads/

The IFT High-Yield Course for Level III is based on Pareto’s 80-20 rule according to which 80% of the exam questions are likely to be based on 20% of the curriculum.  Hence this course focuses on the 20% material which is most testable. Watch the video below:

We call this the “High-Yield Course” because your investment (your time and money) is low but the potential return (passing the exam) is high!  As with high-yield investments in the world of finance, there is risk.  Your exam will contain some questions which are not addressed in the High-Yield Course.  However, we believe that such questions will be few and if you complement the High-Yield course with sufficient practice, the probability of passing the exam is high.

I am confident that the High-Yield videos will cover more than 80% of what you are likely to see on your exam” – Arif Irfanullah

Below are the main components of the Level III High-Yield course:

  1. IFT High-Yield Notes® summarize the most important concepts from each reading in 2 to 5 pages. Key formulas and facts are presented in blue boxes while examples appear in gray boxes.
  2. IFT High-Yield Video Lectures® are online video lectures based on the notes (PDF slides included).
  3. Key Facts and Formula Sheet: 23 pages covering key facts and formulas for all of Level III!
  4. You will also get the IFT Mobile App to view High-Yield Videos and Notes (with off-line use also). Download App

The High-Yield Course can be used on a ‘stand-alone’ basis if you are time-constrained. However, if you do have time, we recommend taking the High-Yield Course along with IFT’s regular material.  This will help ensure sufficient mastery of the entire curriculum.

Many candidates complain that they forget material covered earlier.  The High-Yield Course addresses this problem by helping you to quickly revise key concepts.

Samples: On your IFT account under “My Courses“, please find the course folder “00 Level III Free Trial & Exam Prep Advice“.  There you will see the samples for High Yield videos and notes.

** The videos in this course are Non-downloadable – however, you can keep them on your mobile app for use off-line.


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