Premium Package 2022

Level I (2022) Premium Package 2022

Important Note: These study materials are not complete and will be released according to this schedule: click here

The IFT Level I Premium package contains all the tools you need to maximize your chances of success on your exam day! Here is what you will get:

-Over 100 hours of video lectures covering each learning outcomes and curriculum examples (75 hours detailed videos, 30 hours solved example videos)

-IFT Study Notes: In PDF format, covering all readings and learning examples

-Active Learning features: Summary slides after each video. Quiz after each video. Test after each reading

-Downloadable PDF slides. Print the slides from the video lectures and make your own notes on them.

-Question Bank: Over 3,000 questions

-Topic Exams: Revise each topic by testing your knowledge

-High-Yield Course (High-Yield Videos, High-Yield Notes and High-Yield Q-bank)

-3 Full-Length Mock Exams

-Key Facts and Formulas Sheet

-Q&A with IFT instructor service

-Pass Protection and Priority Customer Support

-Watch videos on IFT Mobile App and download them for offline viewing too!

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal in electronic format. No items are shipped to you. 


* Validity: 2022