IFT June-20 Question Bank

Level I IFT June-20 Question Bank

Note: The 2020 Level I Question Bank will be ready by 16 Sep, 2019. The 2019 Question Bank is very similar to the 2020 version. If you want to purchase now, you will get the 2019 version and you will be updated in September.

Practicing lots of exam like questions (and solving them correctly!) is the key to your exam success. IFT has created the Level I Question Bank to help you in this process. For more insights read Arif Irfanullah’s Blog posts: “The Magic Number

– Over 3,000 exam like MCQs
– A separate question-bank for each reading
– Learning Outcome (L.O.) based
– Answers explained in detail
– Attempt tests online or download the PDF

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* Validity: June 2020