IFT Question Bank & Topic Exams

Level II IFT Question Bank & Topic Exams

Practice, practice, practice!  Test your concepts with the Level II Question bank and topic exams. Here is what you need to do:

1-Drill your concepts at the reading level by using the reading-based Question Bank

2-Test your concepts at the topic level with IFT topic exams (one exam per topic)

(Level II question bank and topic exams together have over 2,000 practice questions)

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal and can be downloaded. No items are shipped to you.

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* Validity: November 2021

Practicing lots of exam like questions is the key to your exam success. IFT has created the Level II Question Bank to help you in this process. Here are the details:
– Each reading has it’s own Question-bank
– Learning Outcome (L.O.) based
– Answers explained in detail (Download as PDF)

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IFT Topic Exams will test your preparation at the topic level. A quiz should be taken after you have studied all readings of a given topic and also have completed practice questions for each reading. This is an essential step in for preparing for the exam.

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