Customer Testimonial

Hassan Bassiri – Los Angeles, California

Using IFT's prep course I was able to pass all 3 CFA levels on my first attempt in an 18 month period (December 2014 - June 2016) while working full time as an international tax attorney for KPMG.  Despite having no background in finance, the IFT videos made the difficult concepts easier to understand and then helped me analyze the types of questions I was most likely to see on each level of the CFA exam. While each level is different, IFT did an excellent job of helping me understand the concepts which were likely to be tested and the most efficient manner to practice and use my time efficiently. In writing this testimonial I am not trying to brag.  I just want other students in my position (full time job, limited time) to understand that combining the IFT videos, notes and practice problems with hard work and dedication will allow you to pass each CFA level. Thank you