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IFT High Yield Courses and Live Crash Courses

IFT High-Yield Courses are based on Pareto’s 80-20 rule according to which 80% of the exam questions are likely to be based on 20% of the curriculum.  Hence these courses focus on the 20% material which is most testable.  They are self-paced and designed for self-study.

High-Yield Course Level I ➔

High-Yield Course Level II ➔

High-Yield Course Level III ➔


New IFT Live/Zoom Crash Courses for November 2022 Exam:

If you are interested in a Live (on Zoom) Intrstuctor-led Crash course, then try IFT’s new Crash Courses.

Live Crash CoursesHurry! Starts Soon
Live (Zoom) Classes for May 2023 Level I & II CFA Exams
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