Live Online Video Lectures for CFA® Program Exam Prep

ACE the CFA Program Exams with IFT Live Online CFA Course! 


In these live interactive sessions, you will learn how to apply the concepts from the curriculum — further improving your grasp. The interactive nature of the session makes these classes more effective!

Key Benefits of the IFT Live Class:

– Practice, Practice, Practice. In these classes, we will teach you how to APPLY the theory which you learn by studying the readings.

– Prepare Smarter: We predict that the MPS or the Minimum Passing Score will be higher in the upcoming December exam. The competition will be tough, so you will not only need to work harder, but prepare smarter (e.g. tips, tricks, what to focus on, timing, avoid pitfalls, etc)

– Ask Questions: You can your questions and get your confusions and doubts cleared fast. This is very important and very helpful for successful candidates.

– Stay on Schedule: By following our class you will not fall behind your schedule. This is really important for CFA exam preparation!


So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join our group and get ready to ace the CFA Program exam!

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