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Over the years IFT has uploaded a selection of videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch them. Please note that many videos are older and may not reflect the current CFA® curriculum. However thousands of candidates find them useful. Some of their comments are below.

Rishabh Patni2017-12-12 07:11:26

Thank you sir your videos are really helpful . In your continuous compounding example i am getting a different answer
( 55702.39 )as the question is asking the FV of investment after 3 years but you have solved that taking it as 'after one year'. though this is a minor error but can confuse beginners ( as i was confused)

smita joshi2017-12-11 15:23:18

amazing explanation. thank you sir...

Somaya Al Smadi2017-12-10 13:27:29

How can I get videos lectures 2018 level 2 ?

benrahou kenza2017-12-09 14:49:53

thank you professor for this video! you can't know how much you helped me for my finals right now!!


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