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Over the years IFT has uploaded numerous videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch them. Please note that many videos are older and may not reflect the current curriculum. However thousands of candidates find them useful. Some of their comments are below

ZAKARIA Er2019-09-15 16:03:48

at 12:20 I think there is a mistake, shouldn't we write 210.000 x 9/12 instead of 210.000 x 6/12 ?

Bhakti Desai2019-09-14 14:01:28

Can u please explain the difference between good on close and market on close.its confusing

Angus2019-09-12 17:36:08

So much better than my lecturer . Profound thanks

Pedro Kurtenbach2019-09-10 16:21:38

Hi! Thanks for your videos, mate, they're really helpful. I have a question about a calculation made in this video https://ift.learnrev.com/courses/597a714c5ad20a040023b5f8/. It is the Lecture 4 video. How did you made the conversion? Thanks!


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