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Over the years IFT has uploaded numerous videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch them. Please note that many videos are older and may not reflect the current curriculum. However thousands of candidates find them useful. Some of their comments are below

Rolando Rivera2019-10-14 18:57:52

Sometimes i cant figure it out between the event and the info.

Pranav Kinger2019-10-14 12:36:33

For someone who is finding economics a little challenging
Is studying from schweser, doing the examples from the curriculum and watching the videos good enough for level 1?

shantanu batra2019-10-14 06:25:11

The sum for year 2 doesn't make up 135 ?

Aditi Kubde2019-10-13 08:01:33

how do I get your notes and videos and what's your fees


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