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Over the years IFT has uploaded a selection of videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch them. Please note that many videos are older and may not reflect the current CFA® curriculum. However thousands of candidates find them useful. Some of their comments are below.

BHAVIKA PANCHAL2017-02-14 06:18:57

hi sir, your videos are very helpful.

Rahul Uppal2017-02-02 17:01:47

Hello guys,
I've watched few lectures by IFT and it seemed very helpful for me to understand the basics.
Can anyone suggest me how to proceed with the lectures, because as of now I'm randomly watching any video that seems related, which in my opinion is not a good approach.
I would really appreciate the help.

kunal sinha choudhury2016-02-01 18:46:07

I am from India...Sir, your videos are really awesome.......you make our life little EaSy. God bless :)

shrijeet jayesh2015-10-11 21:30:48

a hearty thanks to your sir for the amazingly explained videos. would definitely take up your course for level 2 as i was a bit too late in coming across your videos for level 1 preps.


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