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Over the years IFT has uploaded a selection of videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch them. Please note that many videos are older and may not reflect the current CFA® curriculum. However thousands of candidates find them useful. Some of their comments are below.

SAKHI MUHAMMAD2018-07-18 06:57:18

is that lecture also available in pdf form????????????

Tasfia Afrin2018-07-15 09:05:58

plz tell my professor to follow this method.. so easy to understand

panamerarmk2018-07-15 04:37:13

is there 2018 version coming up soon?

durga priya2018-07-14 11:58:32

In the fund alpha example, the assertion statement is like actual results consistent with population mean 1.6 . As per rules we want to reject null hypothesis Isn’t it the alternative hypothesis is mue #1.6.


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