Summary for Level III Now Complete!

I’m happy to announce that the IFT Level III Summary Course is now complete.  In creating this course I’ve considered the learning outcomes and CFA Institute questions over the last several years.  I am confident that the slides/videos (about 10.5 hours) cover more than 80% of what you are likely to see on your exam. (Note: This is purely my prediction. We will be able to validate the accuracy of my claim when CFA Institute releases the 2017 essay exam.) Now a few words on what you get from the summary course and how to make the most of this… Read More

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The Final Stretch of the Final Level

How should you approach your exam preparation during the last few months before the Level III exam? Watch the below study advice video blog by Arif Irfanullah which contains a study game plan and how IFT materials can help you.  For more details about the Level III crash course click here Best of luck!

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The Magic Number to Pass Level I

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell asserts,“10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness”. After reading the book I began to wonder whether there was a ‘magic number’ in the context of preparing for the CFA exams. Though most of you do not have 10,000 hours left to prepare, it is tempting to say that if you study more than x number of hours, you’ll pass. However, after many years of preparing candidates I’ve realized that there is no magic number of study hours. This is particularly true with Level I. The number of required study hours varies from candidate… Read More

Level I

Incoming: Level I Exam Result!

Dear December Level I Candidate, I am sure that you are anxious about your upcoming exam result. Level I is the first step on the road to the CFA® charter so everyone is hopeful for a pass email! You will either experience the thrill of passing or the agony of failure. Read my advice blogs on how to interpret your results and what to do next. If you pass read this blog If you fail read this blog Best regards, Arif Irfanullah, CFA

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