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September 2020 Level III CFA Exam Advice

With less than 3 months to the exam, here is some advice from the expert about what to do in time left to your exam. Watch this video especially for guidance about the essay exam! ➡️2020 Level III ILEX free trial: https://ift.world/cfalevel3 ➡️Use IFT Grading Service to improve your essay exam: https://ift.world/product/single-essa… ➡️Curriculum Practice Problem Videos videos: https://ift.world/product/l3-curr-pp-… ➡️Watch How to prepare videos here: https://ift.world/preparing-level-iii… ➡️IFT Live Online Classes: https://ift.world/live/ ➡️Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pass.with.IFT/

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LEVEL III CFA: Study Advice – September 2020

In this blog, We will share some advice on preparing for your LIII CFA Exam Our first point has to do with your schedule. Make a Schedule It is late September and your exam is in early December which means you have less than 3 months left for your exam. You should update your schedule to make the best use of this time. If you haven’t already finished the curriculum, we would suggest that you complete the remaining study sessions so that you are done with the first round of the curriculum by the end of this month. By end… Read More

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Changes for 2021 Level I CFA Program Exam

Watch this video clip by Arif Irfanullah to get a better understanding of what to expect in the upcoming exams. In this brief clip, we talk about the basic information about the Level I exam and also explain the major changes that will come into effect from February 2021 exam; which includes the shift to Computer-Based Testing(CBT), the change in exam cycle and more. Click below to watch the video:

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The Magic Number to Pass Level I

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell asserts,“10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness”. After reading the book I began to wonder whether there was a ‘magic number’ in the context of preparing for the CFA exams. Though most of you do not have 10,000 hours left to prepare, it is tempting to say that if you study more than x number of hours, you’ll pass. However, after many years of preparing candidates I’ve realized that there is no magic number of study hours. This is particularly true with Level I. The number of required study hours varies from candidate… Read More

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Preparing for Level I 2020 Exam

As the world slowly reopens under Covid-19, it is time once again to start your preparation for Level I CFA Exam. If you have decided to take the exam in December 2020, make a schedule for the five months remaining until the exam. Your strategy should be to make use of both the curriculum and IFT products and services in a way that is both efficient and productive. The deferral has given all LI candidates time to recharge and prepare. As a result, competition has increased.  Then, how do we meet this new challenge and pass the December 2020 CFA… Read More

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