Customer Testimonial

Tafirenyika Masvore – Midrand, South Africa

I started studying for Level I in March 2015 after enrolling for the December 2015 examination. It was very time consuming using the Curriculum. I had only covered three topics by August 2015 (Quantitative Methods, Equity and Fixed Income). I then stumbled upon IFT 2011 Level I Videos from You Tube. That entirely transformed my approach. The videos helped me quicken my pace and my understanding of the Curriculum significantly improved. I passed Level I in Dec 2015, thanks to these videos. I purchased Level II time saver while waiting for Level I results. When the results came out, I started using IFT videos after purchasing the Basic package. I passed Level II on my first attempt in June 2016. A key distinctive feature of the videos is that they closely follow the structure of the curriculum, highlighting areas that are likely to be tested and explaining key sections of the curriculum.  I have now purchased Level III videos and will be taking Level III in June 2017. I recommend IFT videos to anyone who is pressed for time but desires to pass on the first attempt. Tafirenyika Masvore - Midrand, South Africa