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Level III Past Paper Essay Exam Question Videos

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This course folder contains videos created by IFT that show how to solve the past actual CFA Institute Level III Essay Exam questions. You will find the exam year and question number referenced in the title of each video file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2024 Level III exam curriculum has changed considerably from previous years. What this means is that concepts contained in the majority (more than 50%) of the videos here will not be relevant for the 2024 Level III exams.  You should refer to the “Past Level III Essay Questions” document for questions that are fully/partially relevant for the 2024 Level III CFA Exam [click here]. For partially relevant questions, the document mentions which parts are based on the 2024 curriculum and which parts are not. Attempt the relevant questions then watch the video solutions.

We have also added suffixes to the video file names to help you quickly identify the relevance of questions: FR = Fully relevant, PR = Partially relevant, NR = Not relevant. For example, 2012Q4_FR.mp4 means that the question is fully relevant for 2024.

Regarding the past paper questions that are ‘Not relevant’ for 2024: You can still view these videos if you have time to review the ‘Strategy and Tips’ recommended by IFT which is important for exam success.

From 2019 onward, CFA Institute has stopped making the actual exam available, which is why IFT can not make any more videos to add to this library resource.

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