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Printed Book Shipping and Delivery details

Please refer to the table below.

If your country is not listed below, please click here to contact our team to get Delivery Charges and Time details.

Country Delivery Time, Charges
USA 2 weeks, Included
UK 2 weeks, Included
Canada 2 weeks, Included
Australia 2 weeks, Included
India 3 weeks*, Included
Germany 2 weeks, Included
UAE 2 weeks, Included
Saudi Arabia 2 weeks, Included
Nigeria 4 weeks*, Included
Egypt 4 weeks*, Included
Ghana 4 weeks*, Included
South Africa 4 weeks*, Included
Russia 4 weeks*, Included
Singapore 4 weeks*, Included
China, Hong Kong 4 weeks*, Included

*If you need the books in less time, then this may be possible at an additional charge.

Please contact IFT Support Team who can assist you,

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