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Basic Package – Private Wealth Pathway

Level III (2025) Basic Package – Private Wealth Pathway

This package is for those who are taking the Level III exam in 2025 Private Wealth Pathway and is a great prep package for anyone on a budget.

Here is what you will get:

1) Videos and active learning for volumes 1 to 5 of the core curriculum

2) Videos and active learning for the Private Wealth pathway (LMs 1-5 are ready. LMs 6-7 will be ready by 20th June)

3) Detailed video slides which you can download and print

4) **Practice questions after each video to check your grasp of key concepts from the lecture

5) **Summary/Review slides for each lecture

6) 12+ hours of Videos covering solved past actual Morning (Essay) exam questions  from 2012 to 2018

**Note: Active learning summaries and questions are deployed for many LMs, but this will be complete by end of June 2024

Be sure to watch IFT’s advice videos on Essay Exam techniques and Past Paper strategy.

Active Learning To Prepare for the Level III exam

IFT Study Sessions are organized into video lectures, slides, and quizzes to provide instruction + review + reflection.

The video lectures are bite-sized learning modules, and each module focuses on the learning objectives of a reading.

To master the reading content and learn the core concepts here is how you should make the most of these tools.

  1. Listen to the lectures. Do the examples of each reading with the instructor.
  2. Review the slides to recapitulate the essential points covered in the lectures.
  3. Take the short quiz provided after each lecture to apply what you have learned!

Complete your core concepts’ active learning experience by measuring your quiz performance.

If needed – you can your package to another specialized pathway within 30 days of your purchase – free of charge! This way you will be able to preview the content before you do a detailed study of it!

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal.


* Validity: 2025
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