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Basic Package 2024

Level II (2024) Basic Package 2024

Important note:- 2024 Videos, Study Notes and Active Learning tools are ready for all topics. 

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The Basic package is a great package for anyone on a budget.

Here is what you will get:

-80 hours of detailed video lectures covering all sections of the curriculum and learning outcomes

-Curriculum Examples are included in the videos

-Slides for the detailed video lectures in PDF format

-Summary slide after each video lecture

-Practice quiz after each video lecture

Use Active Learning To Prepare for the Level II exam

IFT Study Sessions are organized into video lectures, slides, and quizzes to provide instruction + review + reflection.

The video lectures are bite-sized learning modules, and each module focuses on the learning objectives of a reading.

To master the reading content and learn the core concepts here is how you should make the most of these tools.

  1. Listen to the lectures. Do the examples of each reading with the instructor.
  2. Review the slides to recapitulate the essential points covered in the lectures.
  3. Take the short quiz provided after each lecture to apply what you have learned!

Complete your core concepts’ active learning experience by measuring your quiz performance.

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal.

Security Note: Because of increased piracy of our materials we have introduced some security measures. Please read about them by clicking here


* Validity: December 2024
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