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Basic Plus 2024

Level I (2024) Basic Plus 2024

Important note:- These 4 topics are available right now: Quantitative Methods, Economics, Corporate Issuers, FSA (Videos, Summaries, Study Notes, and Quizzes)

This will allow you to commence your 2024 CFA exam preparation.  The remaining topics and items marked below with (*) are coming soon!  Click here to see the full release schedule

The Basic Plus is one of our most popular packages because it contains the ESSENTIALS to help you prepare for the Level 1 exam.

Here is what you will get:

-Over 80 hours of detailed video lectures covering each learning outcome and examples

-IFT Study Notes: In PDF format, covering all readings and learning examples

-Active Learning features: Summary slides after each video. Quiz after each video. Test after each reading

-Downloadable PDF slides. Print the slides from the video lectures and make your own notes on them.

-*Question Bank

-*Topic Exams: Revise each topic by testing your knowledge

-*Key Facts and Formulas Sheet

-Help and guidance from IFT Customer Support team

-Watch videos on IFT Mobile App

All materials will be accessible online only. No items are shipped to you.

FREE SAMPLE: Sign up here for the Free Quants Course

Instructor Note:  IFT introduces a new Senior Instructor, Murtaza Shahbazkar, CFA.  Murtaza is the video instructor for most topics of the level I.  To learn more about him and see a sample lecture from him, please visit this page


* Validity: 2024
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