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Basic Plus 2025

Level I (2025) Basic Plus 2025

The Basic Plus is one of our most popular packages because it contains the ESSENTIALS to help you prepare for the Level 1 exam.

Updated for the 2025 curriculum: Videos, Study notes, Active Learning for all topics and Learning Modules are ready.

Here is what you will get:  **Items marked will be ready on the schedule here

-Over 80 hours of detailed video lectures covering each learning outcome and examples

-IFT Study Notes: In PDF format, covering all readings and learning examples

-Active Learning features: Summary slides after each video. Quiz after each video. Test after each reading

-Downloadable PDF slides. Print the slides from the video lectures and make your own notes on them.

-**Question Bank: A test for each Learning Module (LM).  Along with topic exams, there are about 2,000 questions.

-**Topic Exams: Revise each topic by testing your knowledge

-**Key Facts and Formulas Sheet

-Help and guidance from IFT Customer Support team

-Watch videos on IFT Mobile App

All materials will be accessible online only. No items are shipped to you.

FREE SAMPLE: Sign up here for the Free Quants Course

Instructor Note:  IFT introduces a new Senior Instructor, Murtaza Shahbazkar, CFA.  Murtaza is the video instructor for most topics of the level I.  To learn more about him and see a sample lecture from him, please visit this page


* Validity: 2025
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