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HIGH-YIELD Videos Only

Level I (2024) HIGH-YIELD Videos Only

The IFT High-Yield Videos for Level I is based on Pareto’s 80-20 rule according to which 80% of the exam questions are likely to be based on 20% of the curriculum.  Hence this course focuses on the 20% material that is most testable. 

Note: This product includes only the Videos and Slides that are part of the IFT High Yield Course.

We call this the “High-Yield” because your investment (your time and money) is low but the potential return (passing the exam) is high!  As with high-yield investments in the world of finance, there is risk.  Your exam will contain some questions which are not addressed in this course.  However, we believe that such questions will be few and if you complement the High-Yield Videos with sufficient practice, the probability of passing the exam is high. Watch the below video for a brief intro:

IFT High-Yield Videos® are video lectures for each Learning Module (LM). Each LM is covered in an approx. 30 minutes (on average)

You will also get

    1.  The IFT Mobile App to view High-Yield Videos when you are on the go!
    2.  PDF slides for all the of the lecture videos

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The High-Yield can be used on a ‘stand-alone’ basis if you are time-constrained. However, if you do have time, we recommend taking the High-Yield Videos along with IFT’s regular material.  This will help ensure sufficient mastery of the entire curriculum.

Many candidates complain that they forget the material covered earlier.  The IFT High-Yield Videos address this problem by helping you to quickly revise key concepts.
*All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal in electronic format. No items are shipped to you.


* Validity: 2024
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