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Live CFA® Crash Course – Level II Exam

Level II (2024) Live CFA® Crash Course – Level II Exam

IFT is pleased to announce online Crash Course classes to help you Pass the MAY 2024 CFA Program Level II Exam!

A FREE Orientation/demo class was held on 18th April.  To watch the recording of that class, visit https://player.vimeo.com/video/936423261

Crash Course start date: 29th April     End date: 10th May  2024

Want to join the 1st Class (Quantitative Methods) for free?  Click here to signup to get the link

IFT will help you ‘rev up’ your final preparation and increase your chances for success with the Crash Course.
The objective of this crash course is to cover the most important and testable concepts from each topic and to address your questions. In the classes, first, a summary will be given of what we believe is most important from an exam perspective, followed by questions review from CFA curriculum questions, CFA website questions, and the mock exams.

This interactive course will help you revise, retain, and practice core concepts for the exam.


  • – Course duration: 2 weeks.
  • – Five classes per week (Mon-Fri).  2+ hours per class
  • – Classes start on 29th April.  See below for the schedule
  • – Time 1400 GMT  (6pm Dubai time)
  • – Ask the instructor any questions via voice or chat during the class
  • – Class WhatsApp group for communication and clearing doubts and questions.
  • – Classes will be held live via Zoom meetings. Classes will be recorded so you can review it later!

Join live interactive online sessions with IFT’s senior instructor Mr. Rafay Bin Sohail, CFA.

What you will also get: 

  • – IFT High-Yield Study Notes
  • – IFT Formula Sheet
  • – Recording of all the classes (available to stream on demand)

Schedule and plan: 

Class # 1: Monday 29th       Quantitative Methods

Class # 2: Tuesday 30th     Financial Statement Analysis

Class # 3: Wednesday 1st    Fixed Income

Class # 4: Thursday 2nd    Equity

Class # 5: Friday 3rd           Derivatives

Class # 6: Monday 6th       Alternative Investments

Class # 7: Tuesday 7th       Corporate Finance

Class # 8: Wednesday 8th  Portfolio Management

Class # 9: Thursday 9th      Economics

Class # 10: Friday 10th         Ethics

Here are some feedback comments about the course Instructor, Rafay Sohail, CFA

Victoria Patrock - Level I

The IFT live classes helped me a lot in approaching questions and contextualizing them within their specific readings.

Hajera Shah - Level II

 I signed up for my level to live classes with ift from Kuantan Malaysia. The live classes were a blessing for me as they kept me on schedule and motivated.

Amit Mehta - Level III

Rafay ‘s video lectures were very engaging and effective method in preparation for Level 3 exams and his coaching skills are excellent.

Hannah Chapman - Level I

The IFT classes were good for understanding concepts and I found the IFT Qbank on a comparable level of difficulty to the exam questions.

Tamer Gaber - Level II

Rafay's teaching was so professional ,organized  and to the point he helped me in a very good way to be crystal clear about almost all the concepts and he was welcoming my questions and give me suitable answers.

Dare Oyewo - Level III

I joined the IFT Live classes in July 2020. And I must say it was a very sound decision. Our instructor Mr. Rafay did a very commendable job of explaining each concept and learning outcomes as concisely as possible, and highlights in the required format for answering questions.

Pascal Eva - Level I

The session was very interactive. The must say that the lead instructor, Mr. Rafay was very good. He helped us to understand difficult concepts in the CFA curriculum. It kept me motivated.  I will say kudos to the IFT team. Thank you

Aisha Siddiqui - Level II

Special thanks to Sir Rafay Sohail, you covered every possible question type in our classes which is why everything looked very familiar, it’s just a matter of recalling.

Eromosele Alenkhe - Level III

Very helpful!!! The class gets a 5 stars review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emmanuel Anochirionye - Level III

I want to appreciate your(Rafay Sohail, CFA) effort and kindness. Although I joined nearly more than halfway, the impact of the Live Classes was significant.

Tirthraj Gupta - Level III

I think Rafay was really great and he took a lot of effort to go above and beyond to make sure we get the concept right.





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