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Mock Exams

Level III (2022) Mock Exams

You will get 3 full mock exams to get you ready for the Level III exam.

Mock 1 AM and PM exams, Mock 2 AM and PM exams, Mock 3 AM and PM exams.

They are designed to match the real Level III exam in difficulty.

Detailed solutions are provided.

For a sample click here.

For more details about the 2022 Level III IFT mocks please visit this help page

Unlimited attempts for each mock exam.

IFT Mocks will help you in:

  1. Finding out whether you have understood the curriculum,
  2. Testing your critical thinking skills,
  3. Identifying and improving your weak areas/study sessions,
  4. Developing time management abilities, and
  5. Simulating testing conditions.

Remember to take the IFT Mocks and CFA Mocks six weeks before the actual exam. You should neither take the mocks too early nor too late. Complete your preparation first then test yourself. You need ample time to improve your performance and retain the corrections.


* Validity: November 2022