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Study Strategy and the New Practice Tests

Dear Level II candidates,

We have updated the Level II Question bank to help you better prepare for the exams. For each reading, there is a ‘Practice Test’ with individual Level I style questions.

We recommend that you solve this Practice Test after watching the videos/reading the notes for a reading. These questions are designed to give you the most value for your time invested, because each question is unique and the questions are arranged in a logical order.

It will assist you in revising and applying concepts learned in the reading, as well as identifying areas where you are weak so that you can go back and revise specific sections.

Consider these questions to be part of your initial learning. After practicing with the new ‘Practice Tests’, you can put your knowledge to the test with CFAI EOC questions, online assessments, IFT Q-bank Item sets etc.


Recommended study approach:

Learning & Study 1.      Watch IFT videos and do Active Learning**

2.      Read IFT Notes

3.      Do the new ‘Practice Test’

Testing/Practice 1.      Do CFAI EOC questions

2.      Do other questions from the IFT Q-bank

3.      Do CFAI Online Assessments

4.      Do IFT Topic Exams

Revision 1.      Watch IFT High Yield Videos

2.      Read IFT High Yield Notes

3.      Do IFT High Yield Questions

Final Testing/Practice 1.      Do CFAI Mock Exam

2.      Do IFT Mock Exams

**IFT Active Learning is an effective way to learn and has these steps:

1) Watch IFT lecture video  2) Revise with Summary slides  3) Take the short quiz

Repeat for each lecture video for that Learning Module (Reading)  

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