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Alex Smirnoff North

By raja.qamar

Posted on 31-10-22 at 3:18 pm

For those students who want to ensure that they stick to the CFAI curriculum text, IFT is the perfect compliment. While you are provided the usual video lectures and study notes in a similar fashion to other study providers, what really makes IFT stand out is their rigor to go through every single EOC question and blue box examples. This provides you with a wider understanding of the actual question and what the examination is looking to test – you’ll be taught to actually understand the curriculum text, rather than just taught to pass.
I also found 2 further products fundamental to reinforcing my learning. Firstly, the IFT High-Yield Videos were a superb addition for my train commute into work, having bitesize videos reinforce learnings over the past weeks, while for Level 3, IFT’s commitment to go through over 10 years of past papers and pull out relevant questions that remained as part of the current curriculum is another example of them going beyond their needs for their students to ensure they are provided with the necessary tools to pass.
With thanks to Arif, Nabeela, and the wider IFT team for the support over the years!

CRASH COURSE For MAY 2024 CFA Program Exam
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