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Ekaterina Korotkova


Posted on 07-12-23 at 3:35 pm

The CFA exam preparation with IFT exceeded my expectations. One of the standout features of their program is the highly structured approach to the lectures; the comprehensive coverage of every LOS and a blue box question ensured a thorough understanding of the curriculum, not simply learning how to pass the exam.

What truly set IFT apart for me was Arif’s insightful guidance throughout the lectures. He consistently highlighted nuanced concepts frequently tested during the exam, providing invaluable clarity on areas that often posed challenges for candidates. Moreover, Arif’s ability to identify topics with a lower probability of appearing on the exam day proved to be a game-changer during my preparation under time pressure.

The mock exams offered by IFT were instrumental in gauging my readiness for the actual exam, I found them to be an accurate reflection of the real exam, both in terms of content and format. This helped build my confidence, and on exam day, I was well-prepared and finished each section with time to spare (throughout all 3 levels).

I’m thrilled to share that I successfully passed all three levels of the CFA exam, being in 95% percentiles in the first two and I attribute a significant part of my success to IFT’s exceptional exam preparation resources. If you’re looking for a provider that not only covers the essentials but also goes the extra mile in preparing you for the nuances, I highly recommend IFT.

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