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Rudy Soobaroyen

By shabaz.mujtaba

Posted on 07-07-22 at 3:59 pm

When I started the CFA Program back in 2013, I was not clear as to how long the journey would take me but I was determined to make the most of that journey. As a Chartered Certified Accountant and CPA along with practical accounting and finance experience, I already had some knowledge to effectively assimilate at least half of the CFA Level 1 curriculum. However, I felt the hurdles getting higher as I moved into unfamiliar territory. After rigorously researching and considering third-party CFA Program prep providers, I came across IFT. I think at the time IFT was still in its infancy stage but already I felt comfortable with the way Arif approached every concept. So I began by getting a couple of the training materials for level 1. After I found out I passed the December 2013 exam, I decided I would enroll in the June 2015 CFA Level II exam. Without hesitation, I bought IFT’s full coverage training materials to prepare for CFA Level II. I passed firsthand with the help of the rigorous technical approach adopted by Arif in his training material. For me, the content of CFA Level II curriculum was by far the most complex and quantitative intense out of all the levels of the CFA Program. I ended up significantly relying on IFT’s training materials for preparing for CFA Level III after I had enrolled in the June 2016 exams. Despite the busy life I led, with changing jobs, long commutes, and raising my children, I was able to manage my CFA Level III exam preparation effectively thanks to the structured preparation program offered by IFT. Arif adopts a very professional and technical approach in breaking down key and complex areas of the CFA Program and passing his knowledge effectively. Through IFT’s help and support, I enjoyed my CFA Program journey all the way and passed every level on the first attempt.

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