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Teach with IFT

If you have come to this page then you are interested in teaching one of the most sought after and reputable finance certifications in the world today. The ‘gold standard’ for investment banking as some call it, is rewarding but at the same time the path to the CFA charter is challenging! Hence students across the globe need help. They need help to understand concepts and help to pass the exam.

The Teach with IFT program welcomes those who:

– Have cleared or will soon clear at least Level II CFA

– Have an interest or flair for teaching students as tutors or in classrooms

– Have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to make money teaching and also referring students to IFT

This is how it will work:

Step 1: Fill in a simple online form to help us get info about you and how to contact you for a call if you are short listed.

Step 2: You will have an online interview with us and we will discuss some more details with you.

Step 3: If you are selected, we will exchange some paperwork, and you will have access to our Level I teaching materials

Step 4: You will contact us once you have made progress and have started teaching at least 5 students.

Step 5: We will conduct another round of review of your progress and abilities and if you pass that you will become an official IFT Tutor and we will promote you on our website and social media pages.

Important Information:

– You will not be a employee of IFT, nor will you get any re-numeration from IFT for teaching.  Your rates for teaching your students will be determined by you and IFT will share no part of that.

– You will get a commission of the sales of the online IFT products which your referred students purchase.

– The IFT materials which are shared with you are for your own tutoring and classroom teaching use only.  Under our agreement you will not share any of this material with the students for their direct use.

– If you have any questions before you decide to sign up, please email them to joinus.ift@gmail.com

– If you have read the above and want to get started, click below to provide us with some info!

Let’s get started!
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