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2022 Level III CFA Program Changes

Each year CFA Institute makes changes to the exam curriculum. This year there are some major revisions and some minor revisions to the LIII curriculum.

There are 35 readings in the 2022 Level III curriculum versus 38 in 2021.

  • 2 readings from 2021 are dropped:
    • R04 Professionalism in the Investment Industry
    • R07 The Behavioral Finance Perspective
  • 1 new reading is added:
    • R30 Integrated Cases in Risk Management: Institutional
  • 8 readings are updated.
    • Ethics & GIPS are moved to the end.
    • Overview of Fixed-Income Portfolio Management → Minor Changes
    • Liability-Driven and Index-Based Strategies → Minor Changes
    • Yield Curve Strategies → Major Changes
    • Fixed-Income Active Management: Credit Strategies → Major Changes
    • Topics in Private Wealth Management → Major Changes
    • Case Study in Portfolio Management: Institutional → Minor Changes
    • Application of the Code and Standards: Level III → Minor Changes
    •  Overview of the Global Investment Performance Standards → Major Changes

For details on what has been added, removed, or changed for Level III, please see the chart here:

Level III 2021-2022 Program Changes


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