22 Level III (2022)

IFT’s Level III Study Packages for 2022 exams are available now!

Order your 2022 Level III CFA Program Exam Prep packages now and start studying!! IFT CFA videos are the most popular CFA® Program exam prep videos on the internet! IFT videos are amazingly comprehensible. Choose a package that fits your needs and budget. IFT packages are designed for self-study at your own pace.

– Begin your studies with UPDATED Videos and Notes. Updated to reflect the CFA Institute changes to the curriculum for 2022.
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Detailed videos and Study Notes are ready for SS1, SS2 & SS3.

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Level III (2022) Basic Package 2022

$425.00 $385.00

* Validity: November 2022
Level III (2022) Basic Package 2022

The Basic Package employs ‘Active Learning’ to cover the entire level III curriculum with detailed videos, slides, and practice. We also include videos to help you prepare for the challenging Morning (Essay) exam!

Level III (2022) Basic Plus Package 2022

$550.00 $495.00

* Validity: November 2022
Level III (2022) Basic Plus Package 2022

In this popular ‘Active Learning’ prep package you will get the Basic Package’s contents plus IFT Study Notes and Question-Bank.

Level III (2022) Premium Package 2022

$825.00 $749.00

* Validity: November 2021
Level III (2022) Premium Package 2022

The IFT Premium Package is a comprehensive set of products and services to help you improve your chances of success!

You will get over 120 hours of video lectures which include detailed lectures, summary lectures, and essay exam explanations. IFT Study Notes reinforce the most important points from the curriculum, IFT Q-bank will test your concepts and you can ask your questions which will be answered by IFT instructors.

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