CFA Live Classes L2

Level II CFA Live Classes L2

IFT is pleased to announce online classes to help you ACE the CFA Program Level II Exam!

Join live interactive online sessions with IFT’s senior instructor Mr. Rafay Bin Sohail, CFA.

In these sessions, you will learn how to apply the concepts from the curriculum — further improving your grasp. The interactive nature of the session makes these classes more effective!

August 2021 exam classes starting soon  – So don’t miss a single class!

Demo Class SIGN-UP FORM 

Sessions have limited seats available so sign-up now!

What you can expect in the classes:

-You will have a brief summary of the reading or a related discussion about the reading.

-Practice questions for that reading will be solved.  Here we will use the curriculum practice problems as the source (aka EOC questions)

-Your questions about the reading will be entertained during the class.

Students are expected to come prepared to the class, either by studying from the curriculum, IFT detailed videos, or notes.

More details:

  • – Two classes per week.  2-hours per class
  • – Affordable price: $500 (that is less than $9 per 2 hour class)
  • – Classes start 13th February 2021
  • – Duration: 5 months.
  • – Ask the instructor any questions via voice or chat during the class
  • – Classes will be held live via Zoom meetings. Classes will be recorded so you can watch a class if you miss it.
  • – Class recordings are uploaded every week for you to use as a review tool or catch up in case you miss any class.

Important notes: 

  • – This product does not include any IFT materials. You will have to purchase these separately.
  • – You can get a $75 discount if you have purchased a video package from IFT. Please contact IFT support team for that
  • – Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are not satisfied you can request a full refund within 1 month* of your purchase. (Note: From 1st March onwards, the cancellation policy will become 10 calendar days)
  • – You can find the schedule and plan from the links on this page: click here

These sessions have limited seats available so sign-up now!

Demo Class SIGN-UP FORM