2019 Level III Basic Package

A great exam prep package for anyone on a budget.

Most of the materials here are updated for 2019.  For the items which are not ready please please click here

Here is what you will get:

-60 hours of detailed video lectures and slides

-12 hours of High-Yield video lectures and slides

-15 hours of video lectures covering past essay exam questions

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All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal

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* Validity: June 2019

You will get detailed video lectures which closely follow the curriculum. These cover all sections and learning outcomes of a reading. Click here to see the details and duration of the videos in a handy study planner spreadsheet.
Lectures slides are provided in PDF format (not provided in the Free Package). It is recommended that you print out these slides and make notes on them as you follow along the video lecture. This practice is part of active learning whereby you make notes, follow and understand examples.

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IFT Summary (High-Yield) Videos focus on learning outcomes and the most testable concepts of a reading. In creating the Level III summary videos we have considered the learning outcomes and CFA Institute essay questions over the last several years. The duration of these videos is about 12 hours.

We are confident that these videos will cover more than 80% of what you are likely to see on your essay exam.

For 2019 this is purely our prediction – however our 2018 summary videos did cover over 80% of what was in the 2018 essay exam!  For more information about this claim please click here

Note: The content of this product is included as part of all Level III video packages

You will you get:

  1. Slides containing the most testable facts and formulas.
  2. Videos where Arif Irfanullah is largely reading from the slides
  3. Audio files (audio version of the video so you can listen only if needed)
  4. Mobile App full access (for more details click-here)
  5. References to where concepts have been tested in the past (in a PDF file)

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Note: No summary is provided for SS1 & SS2. You are advised to watch the full videos and make your own notes.

To keep the video content under 12 hours you will get a distilled version of what you need to know rather than detailed explanations. 

Watch this short video to understand how to use the IFT Summary Videos for Level III

Here is a Sample video



Course Objective:

In order to pass the Level III essay exam, it is essential that you practice essay exams from past years.  By taking this course you will learn the skill required for solving the Level III essay exam.

Course Content:

  • General advice video which explains how to take the Level III essay exam.
  • Several videos on how to solve specific questions from actual CFA Institute essay exams. These videos  guide you on how to think while responding to essay exam questions.
    • Only relevant questions for 2019 are addressed.
    • The questions from exam years 2009 to 2015 are organized by topics such as behavioral finance, individual investor portfolios, and so on.
    • The questions for 2016, 2017 and 2018 are organized by exam year.
  • Relevance document which identifies questions from past papers that are still relevant for 2019.
  • Duration of all videos is approximately 16 hours. For more details, please click here

How to Use This Course

  • Make sure you have access to past CFA Institute essay exams. If you don’t, contact IFT Support.
  • Watch the general advice video.
  • As you finish a given topic say behavioral finance, try to solve relevant questions from past papers. Focus only on questions from 2015 and earlier.   The relevance document will help you identify which questions to attempt. Make sure you solve the question on your own before looking at the solutions. Read the guideline answer provided by CFA Institute.
  • Once you have studied all the Level III topics, work through full-length papers in an exam-like setting. Ideally you should do the three most recent exams (2016, 2017 and 2018). If you have time for only one exam, do the 2018 paper.  Study solutions only after you have solved the paper on your own.

This is an online offering only and you cannot download the videos. All video lectures will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal. Login to the Level III Free Trial here to find the sample video.

You can also watch this video to learn about this IFT product:

Be sure to watch this Essay Advice video:

Want to know which past paper questions are relevant? Watch this video

The IFT High-Yield App is your companion when you need to study/revise/review on the go! This is included free of cost in many IFT packages. You will be able to watch High-Yield videos and notes/slides. Works off-line too! Click here for details.