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IFT Study Notes & Quizzes

Level III IFT Study Notes & Quizzes

Prepare for the Level III exam with IFT Study Notes. These closely follow the CFA® Program curriculum and emphasize the most important points from each reading. Practice questions (quizzes) are provided for each study session. These are critical to test your understanding and help you prepare for the exam questions.

Here is what you will get:

-Detailed study notes covering all learning outcomes

-Item set and essay style quizzes for each study session

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal. No items are shipped to you.

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* Validity: June 2019

IFT Study Notes are aligned with the curriculum and present the information in an easily understandable manner. The most important points of each section of the curriculum are highlighted and explained. Reading the notes helps to reinforce your understanding and grasp of concepts. Notes are provided in PDF format.

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Practice is critical for passing any CFA® exam. Practice for the Level III exam with IFT Question Bank. These closely follow the curriculum and are critical to test your understanding.

You will find practice questions for each reading separately.

Questions are provided via online tests and essay questions are also provided in PDF format.

Here are samples you can download:  Item Set   Essay Exam

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