Level III Essay Exam Grading – Single Exam

Note: This service will become active in March 2019. IFT recommends that you only practice mock exams in the last 3 months before the exam (the references below are with respect to IFT’s 2018 service)

This exam service is similar to 3 exam paper service however only 1 exam which you select will be graded and you will only get the video solutions for that exam.

Many candidates fail Level III because of poor performance on the essay exam.  To help you pass the Level III exam, IFT is offering an essay exam grading and feedback service. This service is based on the last three CFA Institute essay exams. These exams (2015, 2016 and 2017) are available on the CFA Institute website.
Watch this video to understand how the IFT service works:


What is the process?

Download and print out one of the above past exams. Contact IFT and we will provide you any required substitute questions (see why you will need this below).  Answer questions in an exam like setting, making sure that you use the templates provided.

When you are done, e-mail scanned copies of your answer sheets to IFT.  We will grade your paper and give you feedback on how to improve your responses.

Sample: Click here to see a grading sample based on Question 1, Part A from the 2013 essay exam published by CFA Institute.  As part of the grading service we identify where your marks are likely to be cut and what must be done to improve your response.

What you’ll get from IFT

Substitute Questions: For topics such as fixed income and asset allocation which have changed in 2018, IFT will provide you with revised questions which you should use instead.  As an example, questions 3 and 9 in the 2015 essay exam are no longer relevant for 2018.  Hence IFT will provide you with substitutes for these questions. The substitute questions will be made available by 15 April 2018.

Grading and Feedback: IFT will grade your paper and provide feedback within 7-10 calendar days of submission.

Videos Solutions: IFT will provide video solution for all questions of the exam you choose. In these solutions Arif Irfanullah shows and explains how he would solve the exam.

Skype Session with Instructor: You can sign up for a Skype session with an IFT instructor.  There is an extra charge for this service.

For the three exam grading service click here


* Validity: June 2019