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Final Advice for Level II Candidates

As a Level II candidate you are a veteran of at least one CFA exam. Hence, most of what I’m going to say is probably not going to be a revelation.  Nevertheless, I feel the points made here will serve as useful reminders. Print your admission ticket and make sure the name matches exactly what you have on the passport. If there is a discrepancy, inform CFA Institute as soon as possible. I know people who were sent back on exam day because the name on the exam ticket and the name on the passport did not match. Get a… Read More


Final Advice for Level III Candidates

Dear Level III Candidates, Over the years I’ve seen intelligent and hardworking Level III candidates fail because they did not manage their time well on the morning (structured response) exam.  Please do not let this happen to you.   Be careful about how much time you should spend on each question and stick to the time limit.  If a question is taking too long just write down the most sensible things you can come up with and move on.  Never ever leave anything blank.  Even if the examiner wants to give you some marks he/she can’t unless you’ve written something.  So… Read More

CRASH COURSE For MAY 2024 CFA Program Exam
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