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CFA Exam Day – 10 Key Tips

With the exam just around the corner, I want to share some advice with Level I candidates, especially those who are taking the Level I exam for the first time. Make sure you carry your valid international travel passport for admittance into the exam. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam. A fresh mind is your biggest asset on exam day. For many people, it will be hard to sleep well on the night before the exam. If you think this will be the case with you, then I advise that at least two nights before, you get a… Read More

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Preparing for Level II: IFT Products and Study Strategy

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, Level II is significantly more quantitatively intense relative to the Level I. Specifically, there is an emphasis on pricing and valuation across multiple topics. Some candidates might have cleared Level I by slogging in the last few weeks; this strategy is much less likely to work at Level II. It is critical that, firstly, you have the right materials to study from, and secondly, you use a well thought out strategy for preparation. In this blog, I will address both of the above. Beyond the curriculum, at IFT we feel that we have… Read More

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Final Advice for Level II Candidates

As a Level II candidate you are a veteran of at least one CFA exam. Hence, most of what I’m going to say is probably not going to be a revelation.  Nevertheless, I feel the points made here will serve as useful reminders. Print your admission ticket and make sure the name matches exactly what you have on the passport. If there is a discrepancy, inform CFA Institute as soon as possible. I know people who were sent back on exam day because the name on the exam ticket and the name on the passport did not match. Get a… Read More

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