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2022 Level II CFA Program Changes

Each year CFA Institute makes changes to the exam curriculum. This year there have been a small number of changes to the LII curriculum. There are 47 readings in the 2022 Level II curriculum versus 48 in 2021. 4 readings from 2021 were dropped: R04 Trade Allocation: Fair Dealing and Disclosure R05 Changing Investment Objectives R09 Excerpt from “Probabilistic Approaches: Scenario Analysis, Decision Trees and Simulations” R40 Publicly Traded Real Estate Securities 1 new reading was added: R41 Backtesting & Simulation 11 readings were updated. Ethics has been moved to the end. ‘Corporate Finance’ has been renamed to ‘Corporate Issuers’…. Read More

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Your Dec 2020 Level I & II Exam Results

Today CFA Institute is announcing the results for the December 2020 Level I and II exams. If you know your result, then you have either experienced the joy of passing or the disappointment of falling short. The result time is always slightly awkward for me – because I share the happiness of those who did well, while at the same time I feel for those who did not make it. For those who took the Level I or II exam, you will fall in one of the categories given below. Please click on the link which describes your situation. It… Read More

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Advice for those who passed the Level II exam

To begin, I would like to congratulate you. You have passed the Level II exam, a significant accomplishment. Now, however, your next major target should be to clear the Level III exam. Unless there are compelling reasons otherwise, I’d recommend that you take the Level III exam in May 2021. You have a rhythm going, the Level II material is relatively fresh, so why wait? Here how your CFA Journey can look like: Now let us talk a little about Level III. There is a common perception that Level II is the hardest of all three exams, and so things… Read More

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Advice for those who didn’t pass the Level II exam

If you failed the Level II exam your natural response is probably to feel disappointed. You might even be wondering whether or not you should continue with the CFA Program.  The typical advice is to keep trying; however, I suggest a more thoughtful approach. Put the result on the side for a moment and ask yourself: Did I really enjoy the subject matter? Try doing a post-audit on why you did not pass. Was it because you did not have enough time to prepare for the exam? Or did you have a very hard time understanding the concepts? Is the… Read More

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Final Word – Dec 2020 Level II CFA Exam Study Advice

Final advice video for the Level II December 2020 candidates before their exam. Listen to these tips to improve you performance on the exam!   ➡️Get IFT Key Facts and Formula Sheet here: https://ift.world/product/key-facts-formulas/ ➡️Accelerate your studies with IFT High-Yield Course: https://ift.world/product/high-yield-l2/ ➡️2020 Level II free trial: https://ift.world/signup/ ➡️Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/ift-cfa ➡️Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pass.with.IFT/   #CFA #IFT #HighYield #FormulaSheet

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