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Level III Essay Exam Grading & Feedback Service


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2019 Level III Essay Exam Solution Videos

2019 Level III Essay Exam Completion Portfolio

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As you prepare for the Level III exam it is essential that you work through actual essay exams which are provided by CFA Institute.  As part of your exam preparation we recommend that you subscribe to the IFT Grading & Feedback Service to give you practice on how to write the Level III exam. An IFT expert instructor then reviews your answers and provides feedback.

Here are the features of the IFT Level III Essay Exam Grading & Feedback Service:

  • The service is based on the three most recent essay exams: 2016, 2017 and 2018. You can access these exams on the CFA Institute website under CFA® Program Registered Candidate Resources > Level III Essay Exam.
  • Your answer sheets are marked and you receive feedback in areas where you are weak or your answer incorrect.
  • Subscribers to this service receive the IFT Completion Portfolio questions too. These questions are substitutes for questions from past papers which are no longer relevant for 2019 exam. The IFT Completion Portfolio is a separate product but is being bundled with this service. See IFT Completion Portfolio.
  • Subscribers receive IFT Essay Exam Video Solutions.

Benefit of this Service

There are several mistakes you might be making while responding to essay exam questions. Perhaps you are not answering the question directly.  You might be writing too much or too little.  The grading service helps you recognize and correct your mistakes.  The feedback that you will receive on three papers will complement your preparation putting you in a good position to ace the actual 2019 essay exam.

How to Use this Service

When you are ready to take a full-length essay exam, do the following:

  1. Print the 2016 CFA Institute exam
  2. With the help of the relevance document cross out questions no longer relevant for 2019.
  3. Print the 2016 IFT Completion Portfolio questions.
  4. Allocate 3 hours and take the exam.
  5. Send scanned copies (or pictures) of your answer sheet to IFT. You will receive feedback within 10 calendar days.
  6. Study the feedback. Read the guideline answers or watch the IFT solution videos.
  7. Learn from your mistakes and follow the same process for the 2017 and the 2018 exams.


Click here to see a grading sample based on Question 1, Part A from the 2013 essay exam published by CFA Institute.

Single exam grading service: If you feel that you want to try the service for only 1 exam, then click here

You can watch this video too:


* Validity: June 2019