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Level 1 CFA FREE Study Materials

IFT has prepared helpful Free Study materials for the candidates appearing for Cfa Level 1 exam. With this fully video based perfect Study Plan, your exam preparation will become so much easy. Go ahead!

Your Dec 2020 Level I & II Exam Results

Today CFA Institute is announcing the results for the December 2020 Level I and II exams. If you know your result, then you have either experienced the joy of passing or the disappointment of falling short. The result time is always slightly awkward for me – because I share the happiness of those who did well, while at the same time I feel for those who did not make it. For those who took the Level I or II exam, you will fall in one of the categories given below. Please click on the link which describes your situation. It… Read More

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Final Word – Dec 2020 Level I CFA Exam Study Advice

Final advice video for the Level I December 2020 candidates before their exam. Listen to these tips to improve you performance on the exam!   ➡️Get IFT Key Facts and Formula Sheet here: https://ift.world/product/key-facts-formulas-sheet/ ➡️2021 Level I detailed videos(Complete). Get 75+ hours of video lectures for free: https://ift.world/free ➡️Get IFT study notes for free: https://ift.world/notes/ ➡️Accelerate your studies with IFT High-Yield Course: https://ift.world/product/high-yield-l1/ ➡️Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/ift-cfa ➡️Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pass.with.IFT/   #CFA #IFT #HighYield #FormulaSheet

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CFA Exam Day – 10 Key Tips

With the exam just around the corner, I want to share some advice with Level I candidates, especially those who are taking the Level I exam for the first time. Make sure you carry your valid international travel passport for admittance into the exam. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam. A fresh mind is your biggest asset on exam day. For many people, it will be hard to sleep well on the night before the exam. If you think this will be the case with you, then I advise that at least two nights before, you get a… Read More

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2021 CFA Program Level I Exam – Overview and Major Changes

Changes for 2021 Level I CFA Program Exam In this blog, we provide you a brief overview of the Level I exam and will also go over the major changes that will come into effect from the February 2021 exam. The biggest change is that from 2021 all testing will be computer-based and not paper-based. December 2020 will be the last paper-based exam. Key changes in exam format, topics, and topic-wise weights Here are some key points related to changes in exam format, topics, and topic-wise weights. We will now have two 135 minutes sessions i.e. 2.25 hours per session…. Read More

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