Level 3 CFA FREE Study Materials

IFTs video based Level 3 Free Study materials will be much helpful to grasp the concepts so easily and to clear your doubts. Start your Level 3 exam preparation with the IFTs proper Study Plan:

Are IFT Practice Questions Enough?

Many students ask: “If I do the IFT Q bank, quizzes and mocks do I still need to work through the curriculum questions?” The answer is a resounding YES.  While IFT questions are a good source of practice, you must also do the questions provided by CFA Institute. This includes: Practice problems at the end of every reading Topic-wise tests on the CFA Institute website Mock exams provided by CFA Institute (also on their website) Remember. The exam is being made by CFA Institute. Hence you must do the questions they are giving you. Best of luck with your studies… Read More

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All About the 2017 Level III Exam

So you’re giving the CFA Level III exam, but you’re not sure how to prepare to the best of your ability? No problem, IFT’s got you covered. The video below shows our Arif Irfanullah, CFA., giving expert advice on cracking the final beast. Go on and start your 2017 prep with IFT!    

Level III

2017 Level III Program Changes

For details on what has been added, removed or changed, please see the chart here: Level III 2016-2017 Program Changes   If you have any comments or questions please visit the IFT Help Desk   Why study with IFT for Level I ? Watch this video   Best Regards, Arif Irfanullah, CFA

Level III