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Level 3 CFA FREE Study Materials

IFTs video based Level 3 Free Study materials will be much helpful to grasp the concepts so easily and to clear your doubts. Start your Level 3 exam preparation with the IFTs proper Study Plan:

Failed the Level III Exam? Sorry To Hear That…

Level III is a strange exam. In fact this is the only exam where I come across some very smart and hardworking people failing. This has to do with the format for the exam. Those who study a lot, know a lot and end up writing a lot.  The problem with this approach is that a candidate might do half the paper really well but scramble through the rest… possibly leaving a few questions all together. The most you can get on a good response is 100%.  If you leave an answer blank you get 0%.  Bottom line is that… Read More

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Grading of 2022 LIII CFA® Program Mock Exam and IFT Mock Exams

CFA Society Boston Level III 2022 Mock Exam is available for registered candidates. Candidates must do this mock and other mocks close to the actual exam to improve their exam-taking ability. After doing the mocks, they will Learn from their mistakes; ‘scale up!’ Get their mock exams professionally graded Use the grader’s tips and fix oversights IFT offers Level III candidates an exclusive personalized feedback service on their constructed response (essay) exam attempts. This service is offered for the 2022 Level III CFA® Program mock exam and IFT mock exams. Here is how IFT Grading Service improves your skills after… Read More

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2023 Level III CFA Program Changes

CFA Institute periodically updates its curriculum for the CFA Exam. The regular updates are meant to stay up to date with the innovations and challenges of the investment management industry. However, for the 2023 exam year, there are no changes from the Level III 2022 curriculum. This may partly be due to the many changes we saw in 2022. To see the changes introduced in 2022 click here. This is good news for those candidates who may need to re-take the Level III exam in 2023! IFT Level III Exam Prep Packages are available now, start your studies now with… Read More

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How to Pass the Level III Essay Exam

The Level III Structured Response or ‘Essay’ Exam is very different from the exams you have seen at Level I and II. Only if you understand this exam format and are able to ACE it….will you stand any chance to pass the Level III exam! Watch video below to understand how to approach this formidable paper and the next steps you need to take!   You can download the 2022 Relevancy document from this link. All 2022 IFT video packages include the Past Essay Exam Solution Videos. The videos cover selected essay exam questions from 2012 to 2018. Explore: IFT Level… Read More

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Past Level III Constructed Response or Essay Exam Questions

At Level III, CFA Institute challenges you in a unique way – the formidable Constructed Response or Essay Exam format. One very common way to prepare for which students use is to look at past papers which were made available.  However, as you know, the exam curriculum changes each year and hence you need to know which questions are still relevant. You need to find the questions that are still covered in the current LOs and doing this is not an easy task for you. The good news is that IFT has done this for you. We have created the… Read More

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2022 Level III CFA Program Changes

Each year CFA Institute makes changes to the exam curriculum. This year there are some major revisions and some minor revisions to the LIII curriculum. There are 35 readings in the 2022 Level III curriculum versus 38 in 2021. 2 readings from 2021 are dropped: R04 Professionalism in the Investment Industry R07 The Behavioral Finance Perspective 1 new reading is added: R30 Integrated Cases in Risk Management: Institutional 8 readings are updated. Ethics & GIPS are moved to the end. Overview of Fixed-Income Portfolio Management → Minor Changes Liability-Driven and Index-Based Strategies → Minor Changes Yield Curve Strategies → Major Changes… Read More

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2021 CFA Level III Exam Question and CBT Format

The investment profession is moving to a primarily digital format. To align with the professional environment and have operational flexibility, the CFA Institute has transitioned from paper-based to computer-based exams. The COVID-19 global pandemic has just accelerated CFA Institute’s decision to adopt the move early. As the exam will be computer-based, the CFA Institute has made certain changes to its Program Exams to facilitate the testing process. What is Changing for the 2021 CFA Level III Exam? Starting 2021, Level III of the CFA®exam will be offered in a computer-based testing format. Exam duration will be approximately 4.5 hours, split… Read More

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