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Grading of 2022 LIII CFA® Program Mock Exam and IFT Mock Exams

CFA Society Boston Level III 2022 Mock Exam is available for registered candidates. Candidates must do this mock and other mocks close to the actual exam to improve their exam-taking ability. After doing the mocks, they will

  • Learn from their mistakes; ‘scale up!’
  • Get their mock exams professionally graded
  • Use the grader’s tips and fix oversights

IFT offers Level III candidates an exclusive personalized feedback service on their constructed response (essay) exam attempts. This service is offered for the 2022 Level III CFA® Program mock exam and IFT mock exams.
Here is how IFT Grading Service improves your skills after you submit the mock exam on the appointed date. Your performance feedback includes

  • a grade/score,
  • mistakes identified and corrected,
  • correct responses suggested, and
  • overall tips for improving your performance

To book a grading slot:

  • Check the calendar for your desired appointment date availability
  • Purchase a single 2022 LIII CFA® Program Mock Exam or any three exams
  • Contact the support team to lock in your grading date

Hurry and book quickly; the grading service offers only limited slots.


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