Your June 2017 Level I & II Exam Results

A few days ago, you either experienced the joy of passing or the disappointment of falling short. The result time is always slightly awkward for me, because I share the happiness of those who did well, while at the same time I feel for those who did not make it. For those who took the exam in June 2017, you will fall in one of the categories given below. Please click on the link which describes your situation. • Passed the Level I exam • Failed the Level I exam • Passed the Level II exam • Failed the Level II… Read More

Level I, Level II

All About the 2017 Level II Exam

Passing Level I was a huge milestone, but you want to go further! Here are IFT’s tips for preparing for Level II. If you didn’t pass, and you’re retaking the exam, you can gain a few helpful pointers from this too.

Level II

2017 Level II Program Changes

For details on what has been added, removed or changed please see the chart here: Level II 2016-2017 Program Changes   If you have any comments or questions please visit the IFT Help Desk   Why study with IFT for Level I ? Watch this video   Best Regards, Arif Irfanullah, CFA

Level II

Advice for those who failed the Level II exam

If you failed the Level II exam your natural response is probably to feel disappointed. You might even be wondering whether or not you should continue with the CFA Program.   The typical advice is to keep trying; however, I suggest a more thoughtful approach. Put the result on the side for a moment and ask yourself: did I really enjoy the subject matter? Try doing a post-audit on why you did not pass. Was it because you did not have enough time to prepare for the exam? Or did you have a very hard time understanding the concepts? Is… Read More

Level II