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Past Level III Constructed Response or Essay Exam Questions

At Level III, CFA Institute challenges you in a unique way – the formidable Constructed Response or Essay Exam format. One very common way to prepare for which students use is to look at past papers which were made available.  However, as you know, the exam curriculum changes each year and hence you need to know which questions are still relevant. You need to find the questions that are still covered in the current LOs and doing this is not an easy task for you. The good news is that IFT has done this for you. We have created the… Read More

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How to Pass the Level III Essay Exam

The Level III Structured Response or ‘Essay’ Exam is very different from the exams you have seen at Level I and II. Only if you understand this exam format and are able to ACE it….will you stand any chance to pass the Level III exam! Watch the video below to understand how to approach this formidable paper and the next steps you need to take! In order to familiarize yourself with the CFA Prometric online testing software be sure to check the simulator at this link: https://training.prod.prometric.mindgrb.io/CFA-Tutorial/launch_html_delivery.html You can download the 2023 Relevancy document from this link. All 2023 IFT video… Read More

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Level I Concept 1: Calculating PV and FV of Different Cash Flows

Present value is the current value of a future cash flow. Longer the time period till the future amount is received, lower the present value. Higher the discount rate, lower the present value. Future value is the value to which an investment will grow after one or more compounding periods. Longer the time period till which the investment is allowed to grow, higher the future value. Higher the interest rate, the higher the future value. The future value and the present value of a single sum of money can be calculated by using the formulae given below or by using… Read More

CRASH COURSE For MAY 2024 CFA Program Exam
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