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Failed the Level III Exam? Sorry To Hear That…

Level III is a strange exam. In fact, this is the only exam where I come across some very smart and hardworking people failing. This has to do with the format of the exam. Those who study a lot, know a lot and end up writing a lot.  The problem with this approach is that a candidate might do half the paper really well but scramble through the rest… possibly leaving a few questions altogether. The most you can get on a good response is 100%.  If you leave an answer blank you get 0%.  The bottom line is that… Read More

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LEVEL III CFA: Study Advice – September 2020

In this blog, We will share some advice on preparing for your LIII CFA Exam Our first point has to do with your schedule. Make a Schedule It is late September and your exam is in early December which means you have less than 3 months left for your exam. You should update your schedule to make the best use of this time. If you haven’t already finished the curriculum, we would suggest that you complete the remaining study sessions so that you are done with the first round of the curriculum by the end of this month. By end… Read More

Level III

Level III Study Advice – March 2019

With less than 3 months left for the exam it is crunch time.   Spend as much time as possible studying and make your study time as productive as possible.  Here are some do and don’ts: With every reading focus on the main points; do not get hung up on the details. Our lectures help you do that.  (If you try to understand the depth of every single point you’ll not have time to practice… which is suicide.) Understand the curriculum examples… especially the ones which are relatively short and focused. I hope our videos are helping you with that. Practice… Read More

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Final Advice for Level III Candidates

Dear Level III Candidates, Over the years I’ve seen intelligent and hardworking Level III candidates fail because they did not manage their time well on the morning (structured response) exam.  Please do not let this happen to you.   Be careful about how much time you should spend on each question and stick to the time limit.  If a question is taking too long just write down the most sensible things you can come up with and move on.  Never ever leave anything blank.  Even if the examiner wants to give you some marks he/she can’t unless you’ve written something.  So… Read More


The Final Stretch of the Final Level

How should you approach your exam preparation during the last few months before the Level III exam? Watch the below study advice video blog by Arif Irfanullah which contains a study game plan and how IFT materials can help you.  For more details about the Level III crash course click here Best of luck!

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All About the 2017 Level III Exam

So you’re giving the CFA Level III exam, but you’re not sure how to prepare to the best of your ability? No problem, IFT’s got you covered. The video below shows our Arif Irfanullah, CFA., giving expert advice on cracking the final beast. Go on and start your 2017 prep with IFT!    

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2017 Level III Program Changes

For details on what has been added, removed or changed, please see the chart here: Level III 2016-2017 Program Changes   If you have any comments or questions please visit the IFT Help Desk   Why study with IFT for Level I ? Watch this video   Best Regards, Arif Irfanullah, CFA

Level III
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