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2023 Level III CFA Program Changes

CFA Institute periodically updates its curriculum for the CFA Exam. The regular updates are meant to stay up to date with the innovations and challenges of the investment management industry. However, for the 2023 exam year, there are no changes from the Level III 2022 curriculum. This may partly be due to the many changes we saw in 2022. To see the changes introduced in 2022 click here. This is good news for those candidates who may need to re-take the Level III exam in 2023! IFT Level III Exam Prep Packages are available now, start your studies now with… Read More

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2023 Level I CFA Program Changes

Each year CFA Institute makes changes to the exam curriculum. 2023’s level 1 Curriculum has changed in terms of the structure along with some revisions in the content. Revised Structure: Study sessions are no longer part of the curriculum and readings have been replaced with Learning Modules. The curriculum structure for 2023 is as follows: Topic (e.g., Portfolio Management) Learning Module(s) (e.g., Introduction to Risk Management). Learning Modules are now the equivalent of the old “Readings”. LOS (e.g., define risk management). LOS are no longer numbered. Lesson(s). Content Changes: On the content side, a few learning modules were added and some… Read More

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How to Pass the Level III Essay Exam

The Level III Structured Response or ‘Essay’ Exam is very different from the exams you have seen at Level I and II. Only if you understand this exam format and are able to ACE it….will you stand any chance to pass the Level III exam! Watch video below to understand how to approach this formidable paper and the next steps you need to take!   You can download the 2023 Relevancy document from this link. All 2023 IFT video packages include the Past Essay Exam Solution Videos. The videos cover selected essay exam questions from 2012 to 2018. Explore: IFT Level… Read More

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Your November 2021 Level II Exam Results

Today CFA Institute is announcing the results for the November 2021 Level II exam. If you know your result, then you have either experienced the joy of passing or the disappointment of falling short. The result time is always slightly awkward for me – because I share the happiness of those who did well, while at the same time I feel for those who did not make it. For those who took the Level II exam, you will fall in one of the categories given below. Please click on the link which describes your situation. It is possible that a… Read More

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Advice for those who passed the Level II exam

To begin, I would like to congratulate you. You have passed the Level II exam, a significant accomplishment. Now, however, your next major target should be to clear the Level III exam. Unless there are compelling reasons otherwise, I’d recommend that you take the Level III exam in May 2022 or August 2022. You have a rhythm going, the Level II material is relatively fresh, so why wait?  Now let us talk a little about Level III. There is a common perception that Level II is the hardest of all three exams, and so things get a little easier with… Read More

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